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Vertical Sliding Sash Window

The Sash window or Counterbalanced Vertical Slider is one of the most common windows that we install. With our take on this classic design, it means you benefit from the same great aesthetics, whilst avoiding all the issues associated with centuries-old versions. Effectively, also making your windows low maintenance and energy efficient for your home. In other words, they actually end up saving you money in time. 

How do Secondary Glazing Sash Windows work?

Our sliding secondary glazing windows allow the top panel to slide down and the bottom panel to slide up, working in the same way as your original window. With our precise measuring of the break line of your original window, the new window will match the old one exactly. So long gone are the rattling, jamming and uncomfortably draughty sash windows and welcome to our sash secondary glazing vertical windows.

Sash windows secondary glazing appearance

Our vertical sash windows have a pleasingly simple and traditional look to them, making them popular to people with a conventional taste. These windows, add a modern twist to the usual windows and an aesthetically stunning minimalist feel. You can get in contact with us today either by email or phone call.

Example of a Vertical Sliding Sash Window

In the picture below, you can see exactly what our sliding secondary sash glazing windows look like from the inside. The frame on this stunning vertical sliding sash window measures at 34 mm high and 37 mm width. It gives the room a sophisticated touch while allowing tons of light to pass through the glass. This really helps to brighten up the area and give a new, fresh feel to the room.

Get in touch today for a reasonable quote on our bespoke Vertical Sliding Sash Windows. We’ll enjoy having a chat about how we can help.

Vertical sliding window

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