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Sound Proofing & Noise Reduction

Soundproofing windows from SE Secondary Glazing can help reduce unwanted noise and sounds by up to 90%. Soundproofing windows can help you relax in your home by reducing noises from heavy traffic, aircraft, noisy pubs and clubs and even noisy neighbours. Soundproof windows can be useful if the home is situated on a busy road or on a flight path. Soundproof windows allow a more relaxed home by keeping the unwanted noise out. By using SE Secondary Glazing to install your sound proof windows, you are guaranteed to create a comfortable environment to concentrate, enable a peaceful nights sleep and relax. We offer a 10-year guarantee on all windows, so why not enquire today.

Sound Proofing with Secondary GlazingWhat is Sound Proofing?
Our soundproof  windows combine two sheets of clear glass bonded together with a totally transparent plastic interlayer. The interlayer absorbs sound and reduces the level transmitted through the glass helping to keep both unwanted noises out, or to keep noise in, hence the name soundproof windows.

Acoustically insulating glass cuts out excess sound and the harmful effects of noise and is particularly effective in buildings near to high streets, urban traffic, motorways, train stations and airports. By sound proofing windows, you can reduce unwanted noise and sounds around your home, creating a more relaxing and enjoyable home.

Acoustically insulating glazing can help keep noise outside so you can enjoy your living space in peace and quiet with soundproof windows.

Noise pollution is a serious issue, particularly when living in an area with high levels of air traffic or busy roads. Too much noise can be damaging to health (increased stress, disrupted sleep). It can hinder academic learning and concentration.

How to sound proof windows - explained:
Noise is an unwanted sound; its intensity (‘loudness’) is measured in decibels (dB). However, the human ear is not equally sensitive to all frequencies or types of sound. By using sound proof windows, you can reduce the amount of unwanted sound that you will hear in your home.

The three-decibel rule The decibel is a logarithmic measurement; sound intensity doubles with every 3 dB increase. Thus, sounds at 88 dB are actually twice as intense as they are at 85 dB and 115 dB is 1000 times as intense as 85 dB. In plain English, a 3 dB decrease in sound intensity represents a halving of the noise.

A comfortable sound level is around 35dB in daytime and 30dB at night.

To achieve a significant noise reduction we use SGG STADIP SILENCE, 6.4 MM laminated glass (Sound Proofing Windows) and try to have as big a cavity as possible between the primary window and the new secondary glazing see diagram. The recommended window cavity for optimum soundproofing is around 150-200 mm if this can be obtained then the sound reduction could be up to 90%. Even if there is no possibility of getting the bigger cavity and we have to site the secondary glazing close to the primary window we can still achieve a sound reduction by up to 50%.

Advantages of sound proof windows:

o Creates more peaceful interiors by reducing noise pollution from air, train and road traffic, general street noise and noisy neighbours.
o Is also effective at keeping sound in where confidentiality or consideration to neighbours is required.
o Is a safety glass and can be used in safety critical locations.
o Can be manufactured to provide enhanced security. If broken through vandalism, the glass remains adhered to the interlayer, hindering breakage through the glazing.
o The interlayer filters up to 99% of UV radiation, therefore, the use of SGG STADIP SILENCE in Secondary glazing helps slow the fading of furnishings.
o Its interlayer is transparent and colourless, meaning
SGG STADIP SILENCE resembles ordinary glass, with excellent optical qualities.

To learn about the benefits of soundproof windows as well as the installation process, please contact us.

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